Un petit peu d'air

01 avril 2012

Unwinding the story,
I finally hear and see, 
Shadow of all fantasy,
The truth lying,
The unsaid shouting.
Now the doubt under my skin.

Blind dream,
Please remain unseen.
I can't take the pain
That had love already slain. 

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26 mars 2012

As love, movies don't last. But you can leave a million lives if you start watching it. 

When it's over,
End credits lasting forever
For you to capture
Desparate remains of the adventure.
A song, a name that could remain.
When the light's back you fear,
Give up your last tear.

The cast was for another story. 

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20 mars 2012

Musique éléctrique
Nuit extatique,
Vivre pour le moment,
N'être que l'instant. 

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